2013 is in the bag…2014, here we go!

Now that I’ve got a year of absolute success under my belt, I think I can exhale.  I took the leap at the end of 2012 to make a go of being a full-time small business owner, and doggone it, I AM a full-time small business owner! It was a little painful at the beginning.  Of course I second guessed it every step of the way ~ can I really do this?  will people really want to buy my stuff?  are...

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ZuLolly Gifts: American Made in Mississippi

I was featured on a local TV segment called American Made in Mississippi.  I was so nervous!  I survived it though, and I’m so proud and thankful, all at the same time.  Check it out! http://www.wlox.com/category/240214/video-center?clipId=9477089&autostart=true  ...

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ZuLolly Gifts is in the jewelry business!

As some of you may know, in addition to my crochet items, I have sold jewelry during this start-up of ZuLolly Gifts.  I wanted to be able to appeal to more than one customer, and hey, who doesn’t like jewelry?  I began by making/designing some bracelets and ribbon necklaces, but since deciding to do ZuLolly full time at the beginning of the year, I find I don’t have the time to put int...

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I just had to share these two baby blankets; I’m so proud of how they turned out! I ran across this pattern when I was shopping in Hobby Lobby.  It was one of those little freebie take ones that hang in the yarn section.  It’s also on bernat.com; it’s called Star Blanket. This joker is time consuming, and it certainly takes someone smarter than me to crochet this one and watch TV...

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Camouflage Baby Beanie and Blanket Set

So finally I will get to post a finished project here for you!  This is what I had in mind when I first envisioned the ZuLolly website.  I wanted to not only show you the finished product, but give you a little back story as well!  Photography is NOT my strength, but I hope you’ll be able to see the “show and tell” that I’m trying to share. This was a custom order for a bla...

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  So here we are at the beginning of another chapter of my ZuLolly story, a website!  After browsing around, I saw craft websites that were set up more like blogs than storefronts, and that’s right up my alley.  I want to be able to show you what I’ve made, where the idea came from, or where the pattern came from, and tell you about it!  I have got to be diligent with my posts, I ...

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